Beliefs, Flaming Lips, and Happiness

I live in a backwater which is so remote that we do not even have access to National Public Radio (NPR) radio broadcasts.  Fortunately, NPR does a pretty good job of providing internet access to and streaming their programs, especially for a pseudo-government entity.   

NPR is often criticized, perhaps sometimes fairly, for having a liberal bent, but they actually have some excellent, thought-provoking programs.  And as Stephen Colbert often remarks “”thoughts/facts/reality have a well-known liberal bias”. 

One of my favorite segments is “This I Believe” a segment on NPR’s Morning Edition, it is actually an idea revived from a 1950s radio program.  The essays are weekly submittals from intellectuals to celebrities to Average Joes and everyone in-between.  It has even spawned a website where anyone can submit an entry. 

As one might expect, the contributions are often just a reflection or accumulation of the contributors’ collective experiences.  A few ones I have liked:  

But I think this week’s installment was one of my favorites.  It was presented by Wayne Coyne, singer for the band The Flaming Lips (which I have never heard of but I take it is an odd combination of an Indy Rock band, Frank Zappa, and the Blue Man Group). 

summation of belief is to “try to be happy within the context of the life we are actually living.”   He even anticipated the thought I often have when I read the entries of successful celebrities who have achieved their life goals when he assures the reader that “I felt this way even when I was working at Long John Silver’s. I worked there for 11 years as a fry cook.”

I like that:  “Try to be happy within the context of the life we are actually living.”   

Not a very good advertising campaign perhaps – but excellent advice.  Now I’m off to do just that.

“Happiness is a pint of Guinness”


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