Go West Young Man!

I’ve flown to the Left/West Coast maybe 20 times in my life and yet I never cease to be amazed by the scenery.   The variety and range of landscapes is truly awe-inspiring and makes even a jaded traveler like myself spend most of my time gazing longingly out of the window.

Springtime in the Rockies I

It is almost as if the country feels guilty for making you view the intense monotony of the Great Plains, that it feels it must reward you with some of the most striking scenery imaginable once you pass Denver.

Moon-scapes, Mars-scapes, Snow-capped Mountains, Red Rocked Canyons, Granite Deserts, and fractal patterns of almost every make and description.

Fractalscape III

And all of this amazement is only further increased by the realization that people were once so determined that they crossed this forbidden wasteland on foot.  Does any of the toughness and determination of these hardy predecessors live on today? 

I hope so – certainly free land is an potent motivator.  Recently an Alaskan town gave away free land and had plenty of takers – although these modern day homesteaders are more likely to be driving Ford Taurus-rather than Conestoga- wagons – I suspect they are the same hardy, adventurous sort.  May they meet with similar success.


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