Seussologic Dendrology

I was corrected by someone with more knowledge of Seussology than myself that in my Joshua Tree post I appeared to have mixed up the Truffle and Tuttle -Tuttle Trees from Seusslore. 

The tree should have been identified as matching the shape of a Tuttle-Tuttle tree (as in “Ten Tired Turtles in a Tuttle-Tuttle Tree,” from Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book) instead of the Lorax Truffle tree.  Seen here thanks to the wonder of public domain images.  But wait, it gets worse, because in the Lorax, it is actually called a Truffula Tree.

Big T..Little t…What begins with T?  Tripping Tensile Tonsils on Tricky Tuttle-Tuttle, Truffle, and Truffula Trees.


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