Systematic Child Abuse, by Design

In what U.S. institution could a massive campaign of child rape take place and have it go unnoticed for many, many years?  The Texas Youth Commission (TYC) Juvenile Corrections System.  In fact, it probably still goes unnoticed.

Perhaps I was expecting more outrage, perhaps maybe expecting that someone would see that these truly are 2 of the most vulnerable and exploited groups, children and prisoners, and that someone would feel more of a sense of compasion and urgency.  Guess not – there is that Britney and K-Fed thing going on.

When national stories about Shaquanda Cotton first appeared last month, they did not even reveal the depths of depravity in this System – just the individual view of one participant.  Who knew that even this extreme case was actually a fairly mild example of the malevolence that this system was capable of?

But probably the most Orwellian aspect of which is this:

That even to be considered for release before their 21st birthday, these child inmates had to first admit their guilt and give up any right to appeal.  And yet noone saw this as an unreasonable and unconstitutional requirement?

Where was the independent review of these fundamental procedures that placed so much power to abuse in the hands of so few?  Certainly nowhere to be found in Texas – where the only good criminal is a dead criminal – regardless of age or innocence.


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