“Future Combat Systems” or “More of the Same”

Four years and umpty-bazillion dollars later and the U.S. Army’s “Future Combat Systems (FCS)” has delivered nothing but unproven concepts and billable hours for its prime contractor (Boeing).

An excellent and surprisingly succinct “Emperor Has No Clothes” article on the issues involved is here.  The article shows that nearly every principle on which FCS is based is flawed.  It also shows (yet again) the extreme folley of giving a contractor what amounts to a blank check.

Perhaps now we could get a little better review of these $100 billion weapons systems concepts before they are executed and not after they are up and running and burning $10 billion a year.  Or maybe, some better review after numerous government auditors and watchdog groups blew the whistle?  It now seems nearly impossible to stop or slow down this modern day Spruce Goose (at least Howard Hughes was spending some of his own money though).  Although the Army FCS program is actively “reorganizing” – that’s corporate speak for “doing nothing about the root causes of the problem.”

How much more money do we need to spend before we let the generals call a news conference, declare it a success, and scrap the program?


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