A Ham Sandwich even a Grand Jury could not Indict

It seems that a panel of public citizens in New Orleans, i.e. a grand jury, has finally stopped a bit of prosecutorial zealotry not seen since the exploits of Durham’s Mike Nifong. 

For even though a prosecutor can usually “persuade a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich,” they were somehow unable to convince a grand jury that a Doctor and 2 Nurses who gave pain medicine to their dying patients during the aftermath of Katrina had murdered their patients with “lethal cocktails.”

Wow, it requires some pretty twisted logic to label murderers of the very health care workers who stayed at their posts and cared for their patients in the most extreme of circumstances.  All this while they were abandoned by all levels of government in the outside world.

Now maybe the prosecuters can go after the real criminals – from the workers who abandoned their posts during the storm to the ineffectual bureaucrats who all effectively fiddled while Rome flooded.   


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