Middle East Peace in Our Time?

Oh, what the heck, we’ve tried nearly ever other tactic in the Middle East for peace, why not pump $20 Billion in arms into the place.  It will either lead to peace or help ignite World War III.

Notice the Newspeak: “US touts new Mideast Aid Package”  Aid Package?  I guess it’s an aid package if you happen to be a U.S. arms manufacturer.   It is just hard to believe that we have sunk so far in order to prop up our own crumbing economy.  Certainly noone wants a policy of appeasement reminiscent of pre-WWII Europe, but do we have a particularly good track record of sending in massive arm shipments to an unstable region (think Iran-Iraq war)?

But I guess my knowledge about the Middle East has not evolved much* since hearing the Treatise on Middle East Peace offered by Paul, the guy who used to paint our house, when I was 7:

“…Those people is crazy – they’ve been killing each other since long before you and I got here and they’ll be doing it long after we is dead…”**

And doing it all the more efficiently thanks to an extra $20 billion in U.S. “Aid.”

* And I was a Middle Eastern “Cryto-Linguist” for 5 years in the USAF (though I still have no idea what that job title meant).
** Paul died in 1994 so he apears to have been correct so far. 


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