The Anti-Michael-Moores Investigate the Murtha Pork Factory


Some Murtha Earmarks Waiting for Committee Vote 

A few weeks back a couple of Michael Moore wannabes went searching for Congressman John Murtha’s Center for Critical Instrumented Infrastructure.  Well, they are maybe not quite Michael Moore protégé’s – it seems these roving reporters are young, attractive, thin, and conservative – just a few things of which Michael Moore will never be accused.  But nonetheless, these young ladies, Mary Katharine Ham and Katie Favazza, in a lighthearted style not seen since Roger and Me, set out to document their search for John Murtha’s Center for Critical Instrumented Infrastructure in this video

As someone who has firsthand knowledge of both Concurrent Technology Corporation (CTC) and Johnstown, I could readily tell that these reporters did an excellent job.  For even though I understood these things from several years spent inside the Rabbit Hole, what I did not know, was how readily transparent Murtha and CTC’s corruption was to outsiders.  In this short film in fact, these perceptive young ladies really paint a pretty accurate depiction of Murtha, CTC, and Johnstown:

– a Murtha who buoys some inefficient -and probably undeserving companies- with some wasteful Earmarks
– a CTC who is both secretive and incompetent  (and whose spokesperson doesn’t even talk to people – but “needs to check with another spokesperson”) and feels absolutely no need to justify what it does with a reported $200M a year in overall federal funding
– a Johnstown with really nice residents and some pretty good bars

Ah, the naivety and impetuosity of youth – to think that these young ladies actually believed that $1M in congressional funding could actually produce some physical manifestation that could be seen, observed, and maybe even talk back to you.  $1M might get you a “Project Plan” to spend another $10M that might be capable of such things.  But to put this in perspective, it may be useful to understand this: Murtha throws back an estimated $200-300 million in federal funding/earmarks/pork chops back to Johnstown with similar non-existent effect. 

Heck, that is not just me and some conservative think-tank hacks saying this, even CNN piles on with this highly critical report on another perpetual Murtha earmark– the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) which gobbles up $40-50 Million a year in earmarks. 

Anyone yet think it is time for Earmark Reform -or- maybe even just forcing Lawmakers to provide a list of their earmarks, and specifically where they are going and who is benefiting, to the public?  Probably not, for I suspect that every district in the country has their own versions of CTC, the Center for Critical Instrumented Infrastructure, and the NDIC.  Pass the pork chops you Congressional Districts – for now at least – there are more than enough to go around.  


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