Next Generation Robotic Trucks in “Maximum Overdrive”

A Different Driverless Truck Lurching Out of the LabAdd to the list of the indignities of age the fact that your pop-culture references become so ancient and obscure that no one knows what in the hell you are talking about anymore.

As happened this week, when I commented on the AP story “Driverless Truck Lurches out of Lab” being eerily similar to the effect of the radiation storm in the Steven King movie “Maximum Overdrive.” 

In the movie a radiation storm caused by a meteor or alien spaceship or some such nonsense causes all of the machines to go insane and start killing the non-mechanized.  Sure, it starts out innocuous enough, ATM machines giving people the finger, Coke machines ejecting cans into people’s groins, but then the semi trucks get into the fray and things really go nuts. 

You may be starting to see why some have voted this one of the worst movies of the 1980’s – hardly an obscure reference at all.  But regardless, did this movie teach us nothing about the dangers of having self-aware trucks?  Sounds like we better get those 3 Laws of Robots passed through Congress real soon.  And quickly, before an insane, driverless truck comes crashing through a diner near you.


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