On Incremental Improvements

Color Coded LocksI went to buy a lock the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see that they are selling locks and keys with matching color coding. 

Like any such idea, looking at it after the fact it seems like an obvious solution and improvement.  But I still couldn’t help but admire whoever thought of the idea.  To take some common place object that no one can even imagine being any different and improve upon it, that is true creativity.

I notice the same thing whenever I see the latest in child gadgets such as play pens and car seats, the ones I bought a decade ago seem positively medieval compared to the newer models.   

So, these incremental improvements work with pad locks and car seats, I wonder if they’ll work with bigger problems like energy depletion and global warming.  I suspect they might – perhaps at least one reason we are not utterly doomed as a species and have some hope yet.  Now, would you like your personal cold fusion reactor in red or blue?


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