Each According to their Needs…

This story may be apocryphal, but I found it amusing and plausible anyway and whenever I hear Karl Marx’s famous dictum “Each according to his needs” I am reminded of it. 

My good friend told me he was stationed at Eglin Air Force Base, FL in the mid-1980s during the final death throes of the Cold War.  The Base Housing held one of those “Create Our Motto” contests with some meaningless honor bestowed upon the winner (such as free tickets to the base bowling alley). 

My friend submitted the entry of “Each According to their Needs” and nearly won the contest but for one small thing.  Some base officer noticed its origin and called him to sternly remind him that it was in fact the central tenet of communism.

Well, central tenet or not, it is still an admirable goal of any organization that professes to care for anyone in need.  Something we as Americans once prided ourselves in.


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