The Top 3 Most Influential Software Blogs

It truly amazes me that many of the sites that I use every day (I am thinking of sites like Stack Overflow and Github here) were inspired/influenced/created by a very surprisingly small number of people (and I suspect that this is also true of most other industries). 37 Signals taught the core concepts of the software business & project management (that entrepreneurs are really “starters,” that businesses need to be paid for/sustainable, and many other simple, common sense, yet truly inspiring concepts that they captured in their books ReWork and Remote), Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky taught the importance of software writing and of creating a community. There are probably many other inspirers to choose from, but these are probably the best inspirational/informational blogs to read if you were forced to pick a true top 3. Even though they may not always be actively maintained today (mainly because of the success of their founders) – if you have never read, then reading their “greatest hits” will still be truly illuminating, inspiring, & educational:


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